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Ahoy there! Welcome to the Armstrong and Miller Show website. Do come in, feel free to have a wander and a browse. Make yourselves comfortable, slip off your galoshes and sit back and watch your favourite sketches from the series. Perhaps do a spot of shopping in our little boutique (hard to think it used to be a post office, isn't it?) or maybe we can get acquainted in the blurb section. It's completely your call. This site is for you and we hope you enjoy yourselves whilst you're here. Oh, and before you leave, do sign-up for our updates. It would be shame to lose touch when we've only just met.

Armstrong and Miller Series 3 from Saturday 30th October, 9.45pm BBC 1

a+M Fighter Plane

We’re back, and what’s more we’ve moved to Saturday nights. Our time slot may vary slightly from week to week, but you’ll always find us after Casualty. This series sees some exciting new characters, as well as the return of all the favourites.

Something for your iPhone/iPad...

The new Armstrong & Miller app is well nang, blud. And I'm not even lying. It's got an RAF Pilots game where you can be our homeboy and guide our 'chutes down safe and all this. Standard. Plus there's a board that we made, that's made of sounds. Where we like, say stuff. I know, man. Random. Plus you can enjoy a little aural satisfaction courtesy of the full girth of our generously endowed characters. And every character has a page and welcoming message that is all their own. It's un-ruddy-believable how much we spoil you...

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The Armstrong and Miller Tour has arrived… in a theatre near you!

a+M Fighter Plane

In an all-singing, all-dancing theatrical extravaganza of rip roaring comedy, Armstrong and Miller take favourite characters from all three series of their BAFTA winning TV show, and mercilessly subject them to the rigours of live theatre. Featuring new material and some new characters, this is the first time that the comedy double-act have ever embarked on a show of this level. See the tour page for details of dates and venues, and how to purchase tickets. Don’t forget to visit the shop where you can buy fantastic merchandise from the show in the comfort of your living room and beat those crowds in the theatre foyer.

“ingenius… an entertaining two hours” The Times
“the laugher level is high” The Daily Telegraph
“the show had a beat and a vibrancy that kept the laughter coming until the very last second” Bristol City Life
“amazing… something fun for everyone” Guide 2 Bristol

Visit the tour page for photos of the show, courtesy of Andy Hollingworth Archive.

This Autumn’s Must Have Purchase: The Armstrong and Miller Book

From Thursday 7th October you will be able to buy a copy of the gorgeously glossy and brilliantly funny Armstrong and Miller book. Featuring all new material and characters from the TV series, this is a coffee table must-have. It would make a rather lovely Christmas present... or a present to celebrate any day of the year. It’s also a fabulous present for you to give to yourself; we all need a treat from time to time. But beware: it’s a heavy volume crammed full of brilliant stuff so you might find it less of a strain to buy it online, rather than lug it home from the shops. Visit the website shop for details.

If you’d like to meet Armstrong and Miller and have your book personally signed, they will be at the following locations: (for more info visit the shop)

9th October 2010 – 2pm Cheltenham Literary Festival
16th October 2010 – 2pm Brighton
23rd October 2010 – 2pm Glasgow
12th November 2010 - 2pm Newcastle
19th November 2010 – 2pm Oxford
23rd November 2010 – 1pm London Oxford Street
27th November 2010 – 1pm London Shepherd’s Bush

The Armstrong and Miller App is now available – don’t miss out!

See Armstrong and Miller Perform Live!

Get a sneak peek at Armstrong and Miller’s tour material, as work in progress at the Canal Café theatre. Shows on 16/17/25/26th August only at Canal Café Theatre, London. Click here to buy tickets. Very limited places available.

We won a BAFTA!

Thanks to the entire Armstrong and Miller production team for all their hard work on Series Two.

Armstrong and Miller Series 3 in Production

Ben painting

So filming got under way for the new series of The Armstrong and Miller Show last week, when our director Ben Kellett, cameraman Martin Hawkins and I hopped on the Eurostar and shot some titles for a new character, "Simpkins Of The France", an ex-pat Brit who pretends to be so immersed in French culture that he can no longer speak English. The main body of the sketches will be shot in the studio in a Parisian brasserie-style set in front of an audience, but we wanted to spice them up a bit so persuaded our producer Caroline Norris that she should let us shoot some titles out and about in downtown Paris.

We arrived mid-morning and spent a couple of hours filming down by the Seine, where I accosted an unaccountably Dutch portrait artist in character. He turned out to be a worthy sparring partner and in the end I insisted we move on because he was being far too funny. Lunch -- in the form of a heart-stopping steak -- was followed by more filming at the Eiffel Tower and then up at Sacre Coeur, where I sniffed oranges in suitably Gallic fashion outside the famous cafe from Amelie.

Maybe it was because the sun came out for the first time in 2010, or maybe because we had such an effortlessly charming Fixer in the shape of Christine, but the Parisians we met completely undermined the curmudgeonly stereotype and were grace and humour personified. I only hope they feel the same way once they've seen the sketch.

Ben hat

Armstrong and Miller Show Series Three

We are delighted to announce that The Armstrong and Miller Show has been commissioned for a third series. We are currently in development for the new series and will begin filming in the New Year.

UK Tour Dates Announced For 2010

Armstrong and Miller have announced dates for a bumper new tour, taking them to theatres around the country in Autumn 2010. The live show will feature all the favourite characters from the Armstrong and Miller TV show, such as Divorced Dad, the RAF Pilots, and filthy piano duo Brabbins and Fyffe, as well as one or two classics from the boys' extensive back catalogue. Find out more in Tour.

NEW : The Node, Naughty sex blogger

A special family episode of The Node featuring Martin's outrageous wife (although she is not owned by Martin), naughty sex blogger Daisy Stern. Daisy reviews different sexual blogs but gets distracted by Craig's great guns.
Click for more great episodes of The Node

Series 1 and 2 Boxset Available in November

DVD Boxset

It's official! Every single episode of both series 1 and 2 together. You will need no reminder that it includes all your, and indeed our, favourite characters. How could we forget the admirably unguarded tales we have been regaled with by the Inappropriate Dentist or the forensically detailed guidance given by Frank Dad? Can you recall the moment when you first heard those distinguished lines from our wartime friends, ‘Oh my God, no way blud that is so random'? And we shan't forget ever so slightly tiresome friend Jilted Jim, determined to enjoy his honeymoon, even without his beloved bride. Grab a copy via the shop.

DVD Boxset

The complete 1st and 2nd series boxset is out now, grab one!
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2010 UK Tour

2010 Armstrong & Miller National Tour tickets now on sale!
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Audience Tickets

Apply for audience tickets at the live show recordings.
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