Why Do Comedians Drink Lots of Water When Performing?

Why Do Comedians Drink Lots of Water When PerformingA lot of comedians attest to the power of water in helping them during their performances. Even famous comedians such as the late Robin Williams are mythical for their ability to stack up one water bottle after another during their performances live or otherwise.

In one way, you can look at a comedian’s performance as their own brand of athletic activity. It is physically demanding, exhausting, and requires a lot of conditioning or rehearsal prior to the real thing. Water may not be highlighted in every comedian’s secret to success, but this is one of the ingredients that help comedians stay in top shape because of these reasons:

1. They want to sustain their energy with proper flow of nutrients.

Having enough water in the body allows the perfect and seamless transport of nutrients to different parts of the body. This pumps up the body to have more energy that it can use up for demanding tasks such as a stage performance by a comedian.

2. Drinking water prevents dryness of throat or hoarseness of voice.

Comedians talk for a long time during their performances and this leads to hazards in their throat and vocal cords. Water lubricates the throat and keeps it from becoming habitually dry that can lead to lessening the voice quality during a delivery of a joke. Nothing beats the hassle of straining to build up the joke to evoke laughter only to lose steam or voice midway during the performance.

3. Water keeps their brains sharp and alert.

Studies have repeatedly been conducted on the brain regarding the effect of not having enough water. It reduces the attention span and decreases the ability of the brain to respond to external stimuli. Comedians need to stay alert and sharp during their performance in order to make the most of it.

4. Drinking water is part of their performance ritual.

Pre-performance rituals and performance rituals keep comedians and other stage performers calm and grounded. This routine is some form of conditioning that help kill the nasty effects of stage fright or nerves. Some comedians take this ritual really seriously. They even go as far as doing a water softener comparison so they can invest the best one for their home and only drink water that’s been softened.

5. Water is a safe and sober way to loosen up.

Some people claim that they have a drink or puff before a performance but it’s not always the wisest choice especially in stand up comedy. Wine or alcoholic beverages may help loosen the tongue up for more spontaneity, but it is ill advised to do so habitually and go overboard with the drinking right before a performance. Water at least has the ability to keep the comedians’ minds aware of what they are saying on stage and not have to cringe the next day after delivering adlibs or other unnecessary things that are no longer part of the act but are part of the influence of an alcoholic drink.

Other comedians may have additional unrevealed reasons to keep water available during their performances. It still does not erase the fact that drinking water is a habit of choice for both new and veteran comedians in the performing industry. More than being a comedian’s tool, water is also very essential to everyone for general health reasons and beyond.

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