Ways Comedians Can Find Inspiration

Ways Comedians Can Find InspirationA comedian by nature will see the humor in things when most people can’t. There are some situations, though, that give way to extreme comedic material. One is around 5 in the morning watching college students train for cross-country, and the other extreme situation is hanging out at the gym. Both of these scenarios can give way to material that is sure to keep people laughing for weeks or even months to come.

With the running college students, the comedy comes in when you see the last few in the line. They have gotten left behind by the stronger runners and refuse to give up so they cheat. They begin to cut through parking lots, and even alleys to gain the advantage over the rest of the group. Seeing all of this, you catch the glare of a stronger runner when he realizes what is happening. The expression on his face tells it all. Thinking a fight might ensue cars park along the side just to see how all of this is going to play out. Probably not too good for the cheater since they were already tired and defeated before the decision was made to find a short cut.

Another place for good humor is the gym. It is just amazing watching some of the older people on elliptical machines like the ones you can see at BestElliptical.Reviews (here). They meet at the gym as if it is a social hour. Some of them even have trainers. They have been banished to the gym, demanded to lose some weight. But they don’t want to be there. So they gather in one area together and they start exchanging very unhealthy snacks. They lay on an ab machine and sit at the curl machine. They are watching from every angle to assure each is covered in case the personal trainer or other gym employee walks in. After each set, usually a set of one, they take a bite of the Twinkies or the Hostess Cupcake. Rewarding all of the hard work that they have just performed.

The trainer comes around, to weigh and take BMI. No surprise that there is no change or even and increase, but the older people giggle to themselves knowing the error of their ways and feeling no guilt behind it.

Working out is always a fun topic. We need it, but most of us hate it and cheat whenever we can. The irony, of course, is that we are cheating ourselves.

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