How do Comedians Keep their Energy Levels Up?

how do comedians keep their energy levels up

It is said that making someone laugh is possible the hardest thing to do. Professional comedians do have their own trick to make a whole bunch of people laughs at all their jokes. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. They have to constantly think out of the box, and discover new ways to make people laugh. Often, it is about the small things of life that they have to notice and bring about in front of their audience.

It takes dedication, training, learning and of course experience to become a comedian at a professional level. But have we ever given a thought how these comedians who make us laugh with all their antics cope up with the stress and fatigue of their business?

How do Comedians Keep their Energy Levels Up?

A lot of comedians take to medicines and tranquilizers to get rid of the huge stress factor. However, this is definitely not a very good way of leading a life of high demand. Many would also succumb to alcohol not only after a show but also when they are relaxing. Since these are temporary solutions and cannot affect a person in a very positive way, these should not be tried to relieve from stress if possible. The methods have to be natural, therapeutic and related to overall wellness of the person. It has been seen that many comedians would not get proper sleep, and that creates excessive stress for them. Less amount of sleep fails to rejuvenate the brain, and thus, the energy level gets very low as well.

Exercising helps a lot

The first thing that any person would need in their life is a bit of an exercise every day. Whether it is yoga or free hands or walking on a treadmill, exercise has to be incorporated in a comedian’s lifestyle. Yoga has huge benefits when it comes to stress management. Comedians especially must get into yoga to keep themselves energetic as well as stress-free. A healthy diet, good amount of sleep and yoga can help any professional comedian to keep up with their stress and demand for more.

Gardening relieves a lot of stress

As we all know green cures a lot of stress in daily life. Seeing green is good for the eyes and mind as well. Comedians who are needed to keep their energy level high because of their high demanding profession should take to greens as much as possible when they are relaxing. A small garden in their home can do a lot of good. Gardening has a lot of positive sides, and it has been seen that people who tend their garden every day or regularly have better peace of mind and calmness in them and they also preserve more energy than others. Gardening helps in better concentration and functioning of the brain, it doesn’t even have to be a huge gardening project. something as simple as lawn mowing can be very beneficial.

So if you are a comedian, and you need to make your audience laugh at every show ensure that you have enough stress relief exercises and lots of greens in your life to rejuvenate your mind and body.

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