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Why Do Comedians Drink Lots of Water When Performing?

Why Do Comedians Drink Lots of Water When PerformingA lot of comedians attest to the power of water in helping them during their performances. Even famous comedians such as the late Robin Williams are mythical for their ability to stack up one water bottle after another during their performances live or otherwise.

In one way, you can look at a comedian’s performance as their own brand of athletic activity. It is physically demanding, exhausting, and requires a lot of conditioning or rehearsal prior to the real thing. Water may not be highlighted in every comedian’s secret to success, but this is one of the ingredients that help comedians stay in top shape because of these reasons:

1. They want to sustain their energy with proper flow of nutrients.

Having enough water in the body allows the perfect and seamless transport of nutrients to different parts of the body. This pumps up the body to have more energy that it can use up for demanding tasks such as a stage performance by a comedian.

2. Drinking water prevents dryness of throat or hoarseness of voice.

Comedians talk for a long time during their performances and this leads to hazards in their throat and vocal cords. Water lubricates the throat and keeps it from becoming habitually dry that can lead to lessening the voice quality during a delivery of a joke. Nothing beats the hassle of straining to build up the joke to evoke laughter only to lose steam or voice midway during the performance.

3. Water keeps their brains sharp and alert.

Studies have repeatedly been conducted on the brain regarding the effect of not having enough water. It reduces the attention span and decreases the ability of the brain to respond to external stimuli. Comedians need to stay alert and sharp during their performance in order to make the most of it.

4. Drinking water is part of their performance ritual.

Pre-performance rituals and performance rituals keep comedians and other stage performers calm and grounded. This routine is some form of conditioning that help kill the nasty effects of stage fright or nerves. Some comedians take this ritual really seriously. They even go as far as doing a water softener comparison so they can invest the best one for their home and only drink water that’s been softened.

5. Water is a safe and sober way to loosen up.

Some people claim that they have a drink or puff before a performance but it’s not always the wisest choice especially in stand up comedy. Wine or alcoholic beverages may help loosen the tongue up for more spontaneity, but it is ill advised to do so habitually and go overboard with the drinking right before a performance. Water at least has the ability to keep the comedians’ minds aware of what they are saying on stage and not have to cringe the next day after delivering adlibs or other unnecessary things that are no longer part of the act but are part of the influence of an alcoholic drink.

Other comedians may have additional unrevealed reasons to keep water available during their performances. It still does not erase the fact that drinking water is a habit of choice for both new and veteran comedians in the performing industry. More than being a comedian’s tool, water is also very essential to everyone for general health reasons and beyond.

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Ways Comedians Can Find Inspiration

Ways Comedians Can Find InspirationA comedian by nature will see the humor in things when most people can’t. There are some situations, though, that give way to extreme comedic material. One is around 5 in the morning watching college students train for cross-country, and the other extreme situation is hanging out at the gym. Both of these scenarios can give way to material that is sure to keep people laughing for weeks or even months to come.

With the running college students, the comedy comes in when you see the last few in the line. They have gotten left behind by the stronger runners and refuse to give up so they cheat. They begin to cut through parking lots, and even alleys to gain the advantage over the rest of the group. Seeing all of this, you catch the glare of a stronger runner when he realizes what is happening. The expression on his face tells it all. Thinking a fight might ensue cars park along the side just to see how all of this is going to play out. Probably not too good for the cheater since they were already tired and defeated before the decision was made to find a short cut.

Another place for good humor is the gym. It is just amazing watching some of the older people on elliptical machines like the ones you can see at BestElliptical.Reviews (here). They meet at the gym as if it is a social hour. Some of them even have trainers. They have been banished to the gym, demanded to lose some weight. But they don’t want to be there. So they gather in one area together and they start exchanging very unhealthy snacks. They lay on an ab machine and sit at the curl machine. They are watching from every angle to assure each is covered in case the personal trainer or other gym employee walks in. After each set, usually a set of one, they take a bite of the Twinkies or the Hostess Cupcake. Rewarding all of the hard work that they have just performed.

The trainer comes around, to weigh and take BMI. No surprise that there is no change or even and increase, but the older people giggle to themselves knowing the error of their ways and feeling no guilt behind it.

Working out is always a fun topic. We need it, but most of us hate it and cheat whenever we can. The irony, of course, is that we are cheating ourselves.

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How do Comedians Keep their Energy Levels Up?

how do comedians keep their energy levels up

It is said that making someone laugh is possible the hardest thing to do. Professional comedians do have their own trick to make a whole bunch of people laughs at all their jokes. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. They have to constantly think out of the box, and discover new ways to make people laugh. Often, it is about the small things of life that they have to notice and bring about in front of their audience.

It takes dedication, training, learning and of course experience to become a comedian at a professional level. But have we ever given a thought how these comedians who make us laugh with all their antics cope up with the stress and fatigue of their business?

How do Comedians Keep their Energy Levels Up?

A lot of comedians take to medicines and tranquilizers to get rid of the huge stress factor. However, this is definitely not a very good way of leading a life of high demand. Many would also succumb to alcohol not only after a show but also when they are relaxing. Since these are temporary solutions and cannot affect a person in a very positive way, these should not be tried to relieve from stress if possible. The methods have to be natural, therapeutic and related to overall wellness of the person. It has been seen that many comedians would not get proper sleep, and that creates excessive stress for them. Less amount of sleep fails to rejuvenate the brain, and thus, the energy level gets very low as well.

Exercising helps a lot

The first thing that any person would need in their life is a bit of an exercise every day. Whether it is yoga or free hands or walking on a treadmill, exercise has to be incorporated in a comedian’s lifestyle. Yoga has huge benefits when it comes to stress management. Comedians especially must get into yoga to keep themselves energetic as well as stress-free. A healthy diet, good amount of sleep and yoga can help any professional comedian to keep up with their stress and demand for more.

Gardening relieves a lot of stress

As we all know green cures a lot of stress in daily life. Seeing green is good for the eyes and mind as well. Comedians who are needed to keep their energy level high because of their high demanding profession should take to greens as much as possible when they are relaxing. A small garden in their home can do a lot of good. Gardening has a lot of positive sides, and it has been seen that people who tend their garden every day or regularly have better peace of mind and calmness in them and they also preserve more energy than others. Gardening helps in better concentration and functioning of the brain, it doesn’t even have to be a huge gardening project. something as simple as lawn mowing can be very beneficial.

So if you are a comedian, and you need to make your audience laugh at every show ensure that you have enough stress relief exercises and lots of greens in your life to rejuvenate your mind and body.

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After the Comedy, How Do Comedians Wind Down?

After the Comedy, How Do Comedians Wind Down

Life as a comedian can be hard — you can have the audience eating out of your hand one second and you may hear crickets the next. Plus, unless you have a fairly large following, the money isn’t that great. In fact, comedy is a profession that should only be pursued by the passionate. Anything less than your complete dedication will eventually lead to failure.

The Sleep Life of Comedians

Although comedians must face many ups and downs in their line of work, there is one constant thing that every single comic has to deal with i.e. the inevitable consequences of all comedy gigs, better known as the adrenaline dump. Comedians get on such a high that it is virtually impossible to go straight to bed after a gig. There are some brave souls who have tried but the ending result was the silent torture of insomnia.

Most comics tend to deal with this problem in one of two ways:

They stay up all night, drinking and partying with friends
They go home, get comfortable and try to ride the feeling out by watching movies and doing other relaxing activities

The Effects of Sleepless Nights

Based on the above information, it’s safe to say that most comedians get less than 7 hours of sleep a night; unaware that being out of sorts the next day is the least of their problems.

7 hours of sleep is the amount of time needed for adults to successfully navigate through every single stage of sleep. Not only does getting fewer hours make the sleep deprived comedians feel groggy, it also places them at a higher risk for a number of health problems that include stress, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and more.

Sleep is a vital component of health and there are some experts who say that is just as important as eating and exercising. But, these late night gigs that comics take to pursue their passion can disrupt their circadian rhythms i.e. the internal processes that affect sleep-wake cycles.

Improving Sleep Quality

There are some comics who have the luxury of staying up all night and sleeping all day. But, this isn’t possible for everyone — take those with kids and daytime jobs, for example. Fortunately, there is some good news; if these comedians were to practice, what is called good sleep hygiene, they would be able to vastly improve the quality of their sleep. Plus, it is remarkably easy to do so; experts suggest the following the next few tips to help:

  • Maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly
  • Make sure their bedrooms are relaxing, quiet, and dark. It is also important that they are kept at a comfortable temperature.
  • Mattresses and sheets should be as comfortable as possible. Latex mattresses are very beneficial because they provide the right support for the body. Also, the bed should only be reserved for sleeping and adult
  • activities.
  • Avoid eating large meals before going to bed and stay away from caffeine and alcohol.

If they’re still unable to go to sleep after 20 minutes, they should get out of bed, do a relaxing activity for about 40 minutes, and try again.

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Travel Life Of Ben Miller

Ben_Miller_to_play_abandoned_husband_in_new_BBC_comedy_I_Want_My_Wife_BackBen Miller talks of his memorable holiday moments. He recalls his first holiday at the age of seven at Menorca. It was the first trip abroad, and Ben says he cannot forget the experience of drinking hot chocolate and sleeping in the bunker bed listening to live guitar and singing. Ben is nostalgic with memories of his father swimming in the sea and catching a diseased fish. When speaking of his best holiday moments, Ben says it was four years back when he went to Cazenac in Prigord in France. He had visited the place for New Year with his friends.

Ben calls travel a mixed bag of experience. Work takes Ben to Australia often, sometimes for a day trip and at times for a month. The experience can be both memorable and horrible at times depending upon the travel arrangements explains Ben.

Death in Paradise (Series 2)Speaking of his worst travel experience, Ben says that during his visit to Brighton with Alexander, the duo ended up in a small corridor room. There were times when Ben had best hotel experience, especially the Beach resort in Santa Monica in California. The actor says that Chateau Marmont is his second favourite.

Some of the favourite entertainment sites of Ben includes the Regent’s Canal in London and the Robin Hood Bay in Yorkshire. He says those have some amazing walks with little alleyways. Sydney grilled cuttlefish with salsa is the best food abroad for Ben. The moment on arriving at a hotel Ben stocks the mini fridge with water and stuff to eat. He dreams to visit India and China, and these two countries have always been on his trip list. London has always topped his favourite city to live, and Sydney is his favourite city to visit. The weather, food and environment is great in Sydney informs Ben.

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Armstrong and Miller Interview

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