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landscape_uktv-ben-millerPrimeval will be back very soon with the shooting of the fourth series in progress. Ben was confidence that Primeval would return he says. Primeval is a sci-fiction drama and Ben will be James Lester. The show was so popular that the revival could not be stopped. Ben said confidently that he never thought it would be the end of Primeval after the third series. The fan following was high globally that someone would continue the project he confided. The cancellation of the show was due to financial problems and now with the new team, the ball is set rolling. The financial issues were so high that the team was put into handling the finances than to progressing the show.

Get a sneak peek into the character in Primeval – Fourth Series. Lester will now be pushed to the second place with Philip Burton taking over the mantle. The new series has a new character Philip Burton portrayed by Alexander Siddiq. The character is sure to push Lester aside. The character will be ruling over Lester. It is going to be awful for Lester. Earlier there was a hierarchy, but now that has been broken with the advent of Philip in the series. Philip will report to the minister, and all the others will have to report to Philip, leaving Lester with no option but to listen to Philip.

Lester will now have to report to the light gray billionaire character to cover. The role of Philip is to set right the anomalies and how to scientifically exploit them. The character does not worry about the public or the creatures. The characterization is perfectly penned. Philip has no concern for the creatures and is all focused on exploiting the defects in the system by bending rules. Primeval is a series to watch out for with the filming in progress at a fast pace.

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