Ben Miller’s Weekend Get-Togethers

BenMillerComedian and director Ben Miller opens up on how he spends his weekends. Just like all of us the actor loves to spend his weekends with family. Married to actress Belinda Stewart Ben loves to spend his weekend at his home in Maida Vale. He and his wife also visit their wife’s parents at Somerset during the weekend. Ben sometimes gets lucky to start the weekend on a Friday morning if there is no shooting. He also adds that his in-laws in the West Country have a lot of friends, and there is always a get-together. The Millers have also rented a place on the farm to facilitate weekend travels to Maida Vale.

Ben loves the countryside and loves to escape to the greenery. He says that the place is crazy but is very relaxed when compared to the hustle bustle of the city. Weekends are also a chance to meet Jez Butterworth and his wife, Gilly. They live in the countryside and also have a holding of ducks, chickens and pigs. Earlier Jez lived in Soho, and his writings reflected Soho, now after shifting to West Country, he follows a deep and dark country style.

comedian-Ben-Miller-King-John-Horrible-Histories-Vicki-Power-554938Ben talks of how he met Belinda at Jez and Gilly’s marriage. Belinda was also present at the wedding and gifted a cartwheel that captivated Ben. Now with five years of marriage and a three-year-old son, Sonny, life was never better for Ben. The couple has acted in the television drama Primeval. Weekends in London are one to watch out for. Speaking about his son Sonny, Ben says that he is a good friend of Sam, actress Sarah Alexander’s son. Alexander is also three years old. Sarah plays Ben’s wife in a comedy series. Sarah is married to Peter Serafinowicz. A family interested in Science, the two families love to take their kids to Science Museum.

Ben and his family spend a lot of time with his partner Alexander Armstrong and his wife, Hannah. He added that despite doing some solo projects they are close. Their elder son Rex is close Sonny, and Xander has a new addition to the family as well, his son Patrick.

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