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Ben Miller Opens On James Lester

primeval-lesterThe animosity between Lester and Philip is on the high in this series. Lester will be seen a little off in the fourth series with all the prominence given to Philip. Lester in this series will openly show his dislike for Philip. He is unable to bear the brunt of being no.2. The character of Ciaran (Matt) also adds to the plot. The flashback of Matt is pushed to the fifth series that will talk in elaborate about Matt’s background and what it has to do with the anomalies. The series shows how Lester reacts to Matt’s secrets. Lester is not very much interested in Matt’s problems. On the whole, Lester is not interested in these issues, all that matter for him is the consequences that can dawn on him.

Lester always has a difference of opinion with someone or the other. But yet he prefers to have an eventless life, where his wife handles the household affairs. A man like Lester does take time where he is bossed around at home. Maybe he has some pampered kids that make his life a misery. In one of the episodes, Lester displayed his hatred for the military. The episode is a submarine set. It looks that Lester has some business to complete. You can see him harbouring a grudge. When the submarine runs into trouble, and the anomalies crop up, he counters the Navy for the mistakes.

Primeval V will see some action sequence for Lester. In this series find Lester up his sleeves to work on some semiautomatic weapons. The series will have some savior moments for Lester where a huge transformation is made from playing Tetris to fighting dinosaurs. For Ben whether it is a family drama or an adventure it does not matter. All that matters is if the characters appeal. Lester is a highlight of his career, and he enjoys playing it, informs Ben.

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