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Travel Life Of Ben Miller

Ben_Miller_to_play_abandoned_husband_in_new_BBC_comedy_I_Want_My_Wife_BackBen Miller talks of his memorable holiday moments. He recalls his first holiday at the age of seven at Menorca. It was the first trip abroad, and Ben says he cannot forget the experience of drinking hot chocolate and sleeping in the bunker bed listening to live guitar and singing. Ben is nostalgic with memories of his father swimming in the sea and catching a diseased fish. When speaking of his best holiday moments, Ben says it was four years back when he went to Cazenac in Prigord in France. He had visited the place for New Year with his friends.

Ben calls travel a mixed bag of experience. Work takes Ben to Australia often, sometimes for a day trip and at times for a month. The experience can be both memorable and horrible at times depending upon the travel arrangements explains Ben.

Death in Paradise (Series 2)Speaking of his worst travel experience, Ben says that during his visit to Brighton with Alexander, the duo ended up in a small corridor room. There were times when Ben had best hotel experience, especially the Beach resort in Santa Monica in California. The actor says that Chateau Marmont is his second favourite.

Some of the favourite entertainment sites of Ben includes the Regent’s Canal in London and the Robin Hood Bay in Yorkshire. He says those have some amazing walks with little alleyways. Sydney grilled cuttlefish with salsa is the best food abroad for Ben. The moment on arriving at a hotel Ben stocks the mini fridge with water and stuff to eat. He dreams to visit India and China, and these two countries have always been on his trip list. London has always topped his favourite city to live, and Sydney is his favourite city to visit. The weather, food and environment is great in Sydney informs Ben.

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